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SEO Strategies You Can’t Afford To Ignore

When you want to host a website on the net – you’ll need a web host. When you’re looking to host a personal blog, some vacation photos or just a page about your hobby – your primary everyday web hosting account will do. Go for a high quality, yet affordable shared host, and you’ll get excellent value for money!

However, if you are an online professional looking to maximize your SEO potential, host a large number of sites on various C-class IP’s, or even create a secure linking strategy for your clients – you’ll need SEO Webhosting.

Here, at, we’ve tried every single SEO Web Host on the web, anonymously and thoroughly – and were extremely dissapointed. Apparently, most SEO web hosting service providers think offering various C-Class IP’s is enough. We disagree. A good SEO Web Host will combine C-Classes, Nameservers, datacenter spreading – AND top quality web hosting comparable to the best in the industry! Only Got Web Host was able to offer the combination we were looking for – so they are the only company we endorse here!

Our website has some web hosting resources, some SEO resources and quite a few tips for people looking at info about the combination of these two. However, we have decided NOT to review the SEO web hosting companies here. Why? Only was able to offer us A+ web hosting with A+ support (we called Lloyd, had him on the phone right away. ICQ’d them – same thing!) and A+ SEO Services. Why would we advertise other companies?